Snowboarding is a very thrilling activity and requires great skills and expertise. However, the main component here is the snow boards which must precisely match the size of the feet of the user and riding preferences. This sport is akin to mono skiing with a small difference. While the rider stands facing the direction of travel on mono skis, on snow boards it is in a traverse position, standing sideways when going downhill.

The size of snow boards varies greatly. Children’s snow boards can be as short as 90cm with professional Alpine riders preferring ones with lengths up to 215cm. The most commonly used ones are in the range of 140-165cm. The width ranges from 24-26cm going up to 28cm for large sized feet.

Snow boards are made of laminated fibreglass around wood. The surface in touch with snow is made of porous plastic coated with wax for easy manoeuvrability on snow.

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